S3 Access Points aliases

S3 Access Points aliases で S3 アクセスポイントにバケット名のようにとしてアクセスできるようになった模様。

Now, you can use S3 Access Point aliases anywhere you use S3 bucket names to access data in S3. With this update, you can use S3 Access Point aliases with AWS services, including Amazon EMR, Amazon Storage Gateway, and Amazon Athena, open-source packages, such as Apache Spark and Apache Hive, and Amazon Partner Network (APN) solutions without any code changes and at no additional cost.

Amazon S3 Access Points aliases allow any application that requires an S3 bucket name to easily use an access point

S3 アクセスポイントにエイリアスでアクセスしてみた。

$ aws s3 cp s3://arn:aws:s3:ap-northeast-1:123456789012:accesspoint/az1-put/test.txt ./ --profile if-pf
download: s3://arn:aws:s3:ap-northeast-1:123456789012:accesspoint/az1-put/test.txt to ./test.txt
$ aws s3 cp s3://az1-put-5f******************************1a-s3alias/test.txt ./ --profile if-pf
download: s3://az1-put-5f******************************1a-s3alias/test.txt to ./test.txt