Infiniband とRDS、Exafusion、RDMA とか



Exafusion Direct-to-Wire Protocol

Exafusion Direct-to-Wire protocol allows database processes to read and send Oracle Real Applications Cluster (Oracle RAC) messages directly over the Infiniband network bypassing the overhead of entering the OS kernel, and running the normal networking software stack. This improves the response time and scalability of the Oracle RAC environment on Oracle Exadata Database Machine. Exafusion is especially useful for OLTP applications because per message overhead is particularly apparent in small OLTP messages.

Minimum software: Oracle Exadata Storage Server Software release contains the OS, firmware, and driver support for Exafusion and Oracle Database software release BP1.

What's New in Oracle Exadata Database Machine

the user-space HCA library accesses the hardware registers and the send and receive queues directly through memory-mapped I/O space and kernel memory.

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