Teradata の BYNET とは

What is the BYNET?

The BYNET is the system interconnect that allows the various components of the Vantage database to communicate. This is important because Vantage is composed of many self-contained virtual processors with no inherent connection among them. Just like underground cables, messages travel along the BYNET between the parsing engine modules, which do all logon and query pre-processing activities, and the AMPs. AMPs are the virtual processes that run in parallel and do the database work involved in query executions. Typically, the data from a relational table is spread across all AMPs in the configuration, with each AMP owning a subset of a table's rows.


When I first started at Teradata, the YNet was the interconnect that glued all the physical components within the database together. The YNet was architected to offer a wide range of efficiencies, all of which have been inherited by today's BYNET, Teradata's second-generation interconnect.

Although primarily a message delivery mechanism, the BYNET, is so much more.

What is the BYNET and Why Is it Important to Vantage?